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10 Architectural Design Tutorials to Watch During Quarantine

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With normal daily routines at a standstill, living in quarantine has challenged us to make new use of our time and energy. From binging a TV show to learning a new hobby, this peculiar predicament has forced us to rethink how we utilize our living space to keep calm, entertained and inspired.

For architects, in particular, this could be a great time to learn something new or strengthen a skill. With tons of high quality guides and tutorials scattered across the web, there’s no limit to how much you can pick up. Here’s a collection of 10 helpful “How to” tutorials for architects.

How to render a realistic model using Rhino and V-Ray

Ex-OMA and BIG employee Bennet Oh’s tutorial walks viewers through the process of rendering a pixel perfect model image that can be used for one’s portfolio or presentation. Oh utilizes Rhino and V-Ray. Check out more of his excellent guides here.

How to create a realistic interior rendering using SketchUp and V-Ray


Youtube channel The Rendering Essentials offers an easy-to-follow walkthrough on how to create a simple interior rendering in V-Ray.

How to get started using Twinmotion


The second tutorial on this list by The Rendering Essentials, this is part one of a series of walkthroughs on how to create real time renderings using the new Twinmotion software.

How to create a cinematic rendering using Photoshop


This beginners’ tutorial shows how to edit a simple rendering in Photoshop. It breaks down the process of giving visualizations a more cinematic look and how to add certain elements that will make them more appealing.

How to add lights and reflections to a rendering using Photoshop

Created by Youtube channel Show it Better, this is a two-part tutorial on how to first add light and then add reflections to a rendering in Photoshop.

How to create a stunning architectural section using Photoshop

Hosted by Arqui9 Visualisation, this thorough walkthrough shows how to create an eye-catching sectional illustration.

How to build a professional architectural model


This is part one of a two-part tutorial series on how to make architectural models. 30X40 Design Workshop shows his preferred materials, tips on how to choose the right modeling style, and covers his workflow.

How to create better architectural models in less time

This video offers a variety of architecture scale model-making tips and tricks. They are shortcuts to help students and architects alike create models in the shortest amount of time.

How to sketch like an architect

Another video by 30X40 Design Workshop, this guide offers key style points and techniques for those looking to develop their own architectural sketching style.

How to draw architecture using two-point perspective

This narrated step by step art tutorial covers the process of drawing a modern house using 2-point perspective.

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