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Text description provided by the architects.

The Project is developed in a suburban land with a trapezoidal format narrowing towards the bottom with a southeast orientation. Trying to maximize the green space and avoiding the shadows on the garden, the project consists of three volumes. The first and main composed of two floors has the intimate social part on the ground floor facing the garden linked through a sliding window and connected to the gallery of the barbecue through another sliding opening.

In the sector close to the street, the entire service area. On the top floor of this volume towards the end of the lot, there is the main suite isolated from the rest of the other 3 suites for children and guests. In the other volume (a single floor but higher) it breaks with respect to the main volume to become parallel to the street, the formal part of the house (living and dining room) is developed in a single and wide space with a huge window and an iron and glass pergola that connects with the garden.

Facing the street, a split iron window lets in the northern light to make the space warmer and differentiate it from the rest of the house and at the same time providing greater privacy. Between these two volumes a third low volume arises as a bridge that absorbs the diagonals of the land and houses the entrance hall and the toilet of the social area.

The design of the house is thought to represent a timeless modern style of white walls and large windows that allow cross ventilation and good lighting throughout the house opening to the east and closing to the west for privacy and to avoid the heat of the summer afternoons..

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