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SCOPE Langsuan: How Thomas Juul-Hansen and KPF Designed and Consulted on Bangkok’s Most Beautiful Condominium

The work of renowned designer Thomas Juul-Hansen has helped transform the definition of luxury in relation to high-end interiors. Juul-Hansen was the creative mind behind the interiors of New York’s most expensive condominium building, ONE57, yet his work is surprisingly subtle and understated. This is by design, of course, and it is what has elevated Juul-Hansen to prominence, setting a new precedent for interiors in
the process.

In his own words, Juul-Hansen’s eponymous firm “explores unique and innovative formal solutions to provoke a notion of timeless manifesto through thoughtful investigations of contextual sensitivity, materiality and customization.”

The key word here is “sensitivity”. For decades, luxury has been synonymous with excess: It tended to involve a lavish use of expensive materials, countless products and elaborate ornamentation. In contrast, Juul-Hansen places greater importance on the quality of detailing and composition of materials with a space. His style is one of subtle sophistication, brought to reality through an appropriate, considered use of premium finishes.

This ethos speaks to Thomas Juul-Hansen’s collaboration with SCOPE for a stunning new residential condominium in the Thai capital, Bangkok. Every unit comes with interiors details and furniture selection by Juul-Hansen, with pieces by the likes of Minotti, Water Knoll and Poliform created using the designer’s specific color palette. Additional bespoke furniture pieces were by designed by Juul-Hansen himself.

scope langsuan

SCOPE Langsuan was designed to raise the benchmark for high-end residential living, not just within the context of Bangkok, but across Thailand and the wider world. Located in one of the Thai capital’s most valuable and evolving neighborhoods, the newly completed building is just a two-minute walk from the BTS Skytrain system and Bangkok’s prestigious retail avenue, Ploenchit Road.

While Thomas Juul-Hansen masterminded the interiors for the project, the exterior was consulted on by one of the world’s most prominent architectural firms, Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates. Combining the expertise of a preeminent figure within the interior design world and the industry leaders for high-rise structures, the collaboration has resulted in a 34-story building that is striking across all facets.

scope langsuan

SCOPE Langsuan aims to diverge from conventional conceptions of luxury, redefining what it means to create extravagant spaces. The building’s minimalist interiors and sleek façades reflect the fact that high-end design is changing with the evolving values of today’s consumers.

Qualities such as functionality, good taste, graceful simplicity and close attention to details are now of top priority, and SCOPE Langsuan’s 158 residences are a reflection of this refreshed approach. Every piece of material was handpicked by Juul-Hansen in order to harmonise the overall design and to identify the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Kitchen furniture by Bulthaup and appliances from Gaggenau and Sub-Zero Appliances lend each kitchen a new level of sleek sophistication. Meanwhile, built-in closets by Lema and luxury restroom furnishings by Toto provide comfort and utility without compromising on style. Juul-Hansen’s adept choice of materials results in a feeling of finesse throughout each residence.

Externally, the building possesses a distinctive, contemporary aesthetic that is characteristic of KPF’s recent high-rise residential designs. The condominium combines modern and traditional elements through a dynamic façade that displays delicately angled glazing and stainless steel frames. These elements appear to ripple across the building’s surface, possessing close similarities to the aesthetics of traditional multi-layered Thai roofs.

scope langsuan

Architecturally, the building’s structure is divided into three volumes with stepped heights, highlighting the elegant verticality of the structure. The two outermost volumes, adorned with undulating windows, house the residential units, while a central core is distinguished by an organic fritted glass wall. This central block contains a pool, fitness center, outdoor terrace, multi-purpose spaces and an automatic parking garage.

Its ascending form, coupled with the extensive use of glass, allows for distinct visual experiences for both residents looking outside and external viewers looking in. This transparency reflects the Thai attitude of hospitality and generosity, further emphasizing SCOPE Langsuan’s embedded traditional values.

The meticulous and polished design language of both Juul-Hansen and KPF resonates throughout every detail of the condominium. When coupled with the building’s abundance of world class amenities, residents are not only provided with an extraordinary space but an extraordinary experience.

SCOPE Langsuan is scheduled for completion in early 2023. Its residences range in price from approximately US $1.25 million to US $8 million. One bedroom residences are sized at around 83 square meters (893 square feet), two bedroom residences at 153 to 162 square meters (1,646 to 1,743 square feet), and penthouse residences between 419 and 443 square meters (4,510 to 4,768 square feet).

The sales gallery opened recently on July 17th. For more information or to schedule an appointment, register at or call (+66) 2 028 9788.

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