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TA-CHA Design Creates a Mixed-Use Office Lifestyle at FH Office


FH Office is a mixed-use development project. With an area of 2,000 square meters, this 7-story high building consists of both commercial and residential space and is located on the west side of Bangkok. The development of this office project was inspired by a conversation with the client, a pharmaceutical company, wanting to prioritize and support preventive care. The administrative team encourages a healthy lifestyle among employees.

Architizer chatted with Waranyu, Architect at TA-CHA Design to learn more about the project.

Architizer: What inspired the initial concept for your design?

Waranyu: A conversation with our client, the owner of a pharmaceutical firm, about not selling medicine to just to make fortune but rather to encourage the community to get healthier. The design idea flows from there.

© TA-CHA Design

© TA-CHA Design

What do you believe is the most unique or ‘standout’ component of the project?

The integration of steel and concrete within the structure to form and differentiate the two functions of the building: Residential vs Workplace areas

© TA-CHA Design

© TA-CHA Design

What was the greatest design challenge you faced during the project, and how did you navigate it?

The lack of knowledge and experience of our builders was a challenge we had to face, as well as the underestimation of our total budget. We were spending more time and effort to consult closely than usual.

© TA-CHA Design

© TA-CHA Design

What drove the selection of materials used in the project?

We selected low maintenance and easy to fabricate materials. Because of the limited space, we used them in a way to avoid uncomfortable feelings of tightness.

© TA-CHA Design

© TA-CHA Design

How important was sustainability as a design criteria as you worked on this project?

We are encouraging our client to reduce the AC system and use more natural ventilation. We also are succeeding at having them use more natural light rather than artificial light through our design. Our design team, the structural engineer and services engineers all had the same vision about sustainability at the beginning of the project so design approach went well.

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